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Alaska Cloud Outlook: Feb 28-Mar 6, 2022

Solar wind density will remain elevated the next day or two (5-10 p/cm3) before it is projected to fall off. Wind speed will also see a steady decline through the week. Aurora activity has been quite unpredictable the past few days, so definitely keep an eye on the solar wind data tonight/tomorrow. See the image below.


The weather pattern for Alaska looks like a roller coaster this next week. Monday (Feb 28) will see some high clouds through the central part of the state and low to mid-level clouds creeping in across the south-central portion. Skies should be somewhat decent for Monday and Tuesday (Mar 1) with low clouds being the main culprit. Breaks in the clouds should provide for occasional views. Cloud cover really starts to increase Wednesday morning (Mar 2) ahead of the next storm system.

The next storm system will bring abundant clouds to the state from the southwest. Fairbanks should enjoy pleasant viewing conditions until early morning on Thursday (Mar 3) with Anchorage seeing breaks in the clouds Thursday evening. The system is projected to push through fairly quickly to the north, so Anchorage will see clouds beginning to clear out Friday (Mar 4) afternoon while Fairbanks will start to see clouds on the rise. As the system pushes in from southwest to north-northeast, expect improving conditions for Anchorage while Fairbanks will see unsettled conditions through the weekend.

The best viewing conditions for Anchorage appear to be Monday (occasional breaks), Tuesday (occasional breaks), Saturday, and Sunday this week, with breaks in the clouds possible late Thursday and into Friday morning. Fairbanks looks to be best Tuesday (occasional breaks), Wednesday, breaks late Friday, and then pretty cloudy conditions the rest of the weekend.

Keep in mind, these forecasts can (and usually do) change for any period outside of the third day. If I notice anything significant change, I’ll post to the comments.


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  1. Friday night provided some unexpected clearing overnight and into the early morning hours of Saturday. Saturday night looks like the Anchorage area could see clearing after about 11pm to midnight Sunday morning. Sunday evening and early Monday (Mar 7) look to have very clear seeing conditions as the weather system moves through faster than expected earlier in the week. Look for the next weekly projection tomorrow evening!

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