Beta 11.2.0 Coming Soon!

The beta version 11.2.0 is in the works. There have been a lot of modules the app uses updated over the past several months, so it took some time to ensure everything was working as expected with the last version. Now that those modules have been confirmed to be working, work has continued on the next version!

The main adjustments in 11.2.0:

  • Updated main screen to move away from an embedded web page
    • Allows for auto updates without a screen refresh
    • Attempts to resolve some errors related to embedded web view
    • Uses the user’s device for time zone information versus pulling from the database (ensures user’s time zone is correct)
  • Begins the process of using json data files instead of database calls
    • Speeds up load times for users by reducing database lag

That’s the main update in the works. The goal is to have the beta out to the test team by the end of September, test it for a few weeks, and then send it out to the masses. As always, thank you for your continued use and support of Amazing Aurora! Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!

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