Welcome to the Alaska Aurora “Chase” Outlook blog posts page! This page contains blog posts with my personal opinions on the chances of seeing aurora activity based weather model data I have analyzed. I hope to provide some substantial insight into the weather for the next week so you can decide if you feel the effort is worth the chance of seeing aurora!

My goal is to post chase outlooks as time permits. The aurora and maintaining the Amazing Aurora app are hobbies for me and my full-time work takes precedence over this portion of my hobby. Ultimately, my goal is to put out a 7-day outlook on Sunday evenings (Alaska time) on the chances of weather providing viewing opportunities and update through the week as necessary via comments. I do not plan to focus on specific aurora chances because the solar wind and solar activity can fluctuate, at times, without notice.

*Disclaimer: these are my thoughts based on current and forecast data with absolutely no guarantees made. Weather and, especially, solar wind data can change in a matter of hours.

  • Alaska Cloud Outlook: April 4 – 10

    Alaska Cloud Outlook: April 4 – 10

    I am a little late getting this posted. It’s been a busy few days! Solar activity continues to give us good chances of aurora! A filament erupted off the sun on Sunday (April 3) and is headed toward Earth. The official SWPC prediction is for impact on Wednesday (April 6) between 7am and 10am AKDT […]

  • Alaska Cloud Outlook: March 28 – April 3

    Alaska Cloud Outlook: March 28 – April 3

    Solar activity will certainly be a topic of discussion during the week! There have been three M-class flares today (March 28) with two associated coronal mass ejections (CME). These are expected to start impacting Earth during the evening hours of Wednesday (March 30) and into the day on Thursday (March 31). The timing, as of […]

  • Alaska Cloud Outlook: March 21-27

    Alaska Cloud Outlook: March 21-27

    The expected CME over the weekend panned out pretty good. The activity on the Poker Flats camera was great. Unfortunately, we dealt with a lot of cloud cover in the Anchorage area on Saturday night again. The current projections show very little in the way of density but a fairly steady elevated wind speed over […]