Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves to answer the common questions received about the app! If your question is not answered here, please contact me and I will provide any assistance I can!

Q: My location displays 48°N, 101°W. Why is it showing me at Minot, North Dakota?!

A: The app relies on your location to work. In the event that you have a) disallowed the app to access your device’s location (or allowed it and turned it off) or b) connected to a hot spot, the app will default to 48°N, 101°W in order to properly work. Otherwise, you will receive an error message that your location could not be found.

Q: What is the subscription for?

A: The data received from the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) is completely free. I do not charge for this data, which is why many features of the app work without a subscription. However, I have completed a LOT of programming to make certain aspects of the app work to help users out. Additionally, the weather and sun/moon data requires an annual subscription. Your subscription removes advertising (at the bottom of the app), helps offset the costs of the data subscriptions I have to pay for, and assists with paying the bill to keep the server active.