As we move well out of aurora season here in Alaska, I have begun working studiously on the next iteration of the Amazing Aurora app. This next version should, in theory, be better for Android users. Why Android users you ask? Well, there have been a TON of crashes with version 6 of the app and I believe I know why. I won’t bore you with all of the technical details, but it looks like it was a simple oversight in the programming aspect of the app. I will get a test version out to my beta test team in the next month or so to see if crashes still occur.

Crashes in the Android app over the past year

I also have a few bugs to work on within the app. As mentioned earlier, there is a location bug that seems to put people in Minot, North Dakota. I believe I have a viable solution to fix that and will, hopefully, work to phase out the default North Dakota map dot often seen on aurora reports. I am hopeful all of these changes will help make the app run smoother and provide a better experience for everyone!