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Version 11 is Going LIVE!

I am excited to announce that version 11 has completed testing and I believe we have cleaned up all of the bugs. Version 11 brings back the subscription model (read about it here) to help keep the servers and development humming along. I know, I know, free is better. And, while I agree, it costs a lot to keep this app available for everyone to use. The subscription model is the best way to go. You will unlock all of the features in the app for a minimal amount. The goal is to keep the price as low as I can and I promise I will announce any changes here well in advance if the price needs to increase.

This is a HUGE step forward for Amazing Aurora and will allow me to continue hosting and developing the app. I was able to craft version 11 on my own and now have full control over all of the code and publishing for the app. This means I can make changes quickly and effectively, knowing when things need to be updated and what was updated. That is a big plus in this world of mobile app development.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the fresh, speedy new rebuild! It was a lot of fun to create and I am very pleased with the outcome! Than you for all of your support for Amazing Aurora!

It’s Time to Kill Subscriptions

If you subscribed to the app, please use the link at the bottom of the settings screen to go to your subscriptions page and cancel your subscription. The link takes you to your respective App Store subscriptions page.

First of all, to those who supported the development of the Amazing Aurora app through the purchase of a subscription, thank you! You all are awesome and I am glad you are as excited about aurora activity as I am!

As the title says, it is time to kill the subscription portion of the Amazing Aurora app. Why, you might ask? I am a solo hobbyist who came up with a way to tell, for myself, when aurora activity was most likely to happen; and, I created an app to share it. The costs of weather and astronomical data was running about $100 per month and, well, it did not really add much to the app. My goal with subscriptions was to spread that cost out among all of the users who wanted it and, with some of the extra special features (that took a lot of programming), to help get something back for the work put in. At this point, it is getting too intensive to keep up with as the app is currently set up.

When Google and Apple make changes, things in the app have to change as well. Since I am a solo, hobbyist app developer with a full-time job, I have to find time to keep things running smoothly. The in-app purchase ability, which is what ran the subscription portion of the app, has been finicky and, as a lover of good quality, I cannot have an app that is crashing or causing problems across the board. So, with version 9, I have trimmed all of the subscription stuff out and just went back to the basic, good ol’ reliable app that Amazing Aurora started out as. Yes, there is an ad. It helps, a little.

Thank you for using Amazing Aurora! Again, if you subscribed to the app, please use the link at the bottom of the settings screen to go to your subscriptions page and cancel your subscription. I will put a donation page together to track my annual needs to run the app and track any donations paid to help me keep the app running. I am just so grateful that so many people have taken to the app and interact when the solar wind gets crazy. You all are awesome!

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