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Version 11 is Going LIVE!

I am excited to announce that version 11 has completed testing and I believe we have cleaned up all of the bugs. Version 11 brings back the subscription model (read about it here) to help keep the servers and development humming along. I know, I know, free is better. And, while I agree, it costs a lot to keep this app available for everyone to use. The subscription model is the best way to go. You will unlock all of the features in the app for a minimal amount. The goal is to keep the price as low as I can and I promise I will announce any changes here well in advance if the price needs to increase.

This is a HUGE step forward for Amazing Aurora and will allow me to continue hosting and developing the app. I was able to craft version 11 on my own and now have full control over all of the code and publishing for the app. This means I can make changes quickly and effectively, knowing when things need to be updated and what was updated. That is a big plus in this world of mobile app development.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the fresh, speedy new rebuild! It was a lot of fun to create and I am very pleased with the outcome! Than you for all of your support for Amazing Aurora!

Development Platform Switch?

I have been working feverishly on learning to code apps on my own, free of any platform constraints. If you have been around for a while, you know that the app launched as a free, ad-supported version in the beginning. I then moved to a subscription-supported model to help offset the costs of maintaining and running the app. Then, something broke…and it was out of my control. I had to make the hard decision to turn off subscriptions and make everything available for everyone; mainly, because I could not take anything away from the people who paid.

Today, I made progress in my learning of the Flutter development environment. I am working on taking a 39-hour course on how to use it. And, I am happy to say, progress is certainly being made. While I am not ready to proclaim my independence from the constraints of the platform I was using, I am getting closer to that freedom. When I was presented with the task of creating an app, I found the easiest way I could get from point A to B. And, with the help of the great folks at Thunkable, my dream of creating this app became a reality! However, I cannot detract from the fact that I am a coder at heart. And, while Thunkable takes a lot of the coding headache out of the process, coding is my art. I love it. While I can continue to code my web pages while still using the Thunkable platform, there was just something missing.

I am very happy that I finally took the initiative to learn Flutter. When I first stumbled upon it, it felt overwhelming. It had been years, 22 to be exact since I delved into something other than HTML and PHP. Now that I am on the learning path, Flutter feels less daunting and more freeing to me. And that has me excited! Keep your eyes out for Verison 11 of the Amazing Aurora app. It will likely be my first-ever self-coded mobile application. Exciting times for sure!

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