App Settings

The settings screen of the app provides an opportunity for the user to customize their experience. There are several notification options to choose from, depending on whether the user has the free or subscription version, and options to keep the screen awake. The screen awake function was intended to help alleviate the need to keep unlocking the device while out chasing the aurora. Keeping the app running while watching or waiting for aurora activity allows the user to see when periods of aurora activity may increase or decrease, thus providing for a better watching experience.

Free Version Settings

In the free version of the app, the user can set notification preferences for summer silence (no notifications during the summer “off-season” from April to August), Kp notifications when Kp 4 or greater is observed, and when favorable conditions exist for aurora in the user’s current location. The screen awake function is included in both versions of the app.

Subscribed Version Settings

Once a user subscribes to the app, they will have the ability to fine tune the Kp notifications from Kp 4 to Kp 9. This allows users who live in areas where, say, Kp 6 is required to have a chance to see aurora tune their app to only alert them if the Kp Index reaches a value of 6 or greater. There are also options for being notified of solar storms and solar sub storms. When SWPC issues a watch or warning for G1 to G5 geomagnetic storms, users will be alerted of this. This coincides with a banner message across the top of the Solar Wind display on the main app screen that informs all users, free and subscribed, of pending solar storming activity. Additionally, the sub storm detection alerts users to be on the lookout for increased aurora activity over the next hour when the app detects fluctuations in the solar wind indicative of increasing chances for this activity. Subscribers also have the option to opt into the notifications to alert them when aurora activity is sighted in their area. Lastly, the subscription allows users to select any location in the world to be their location. This allows users who may be in areas of low aurora activity to monitor areas with higher chances of activity, such as global locations with cameras.

The settings screen will also display the last time settings were synced with the server. Every time a user loads the settings screen, a sync is made to ensure all settings are properly updated. Additionally, any time a user changes a preference in the settings screen another sync is made to adjust those values in the server. If you are subscribed to the app, your current subscription’s expiration date will also be displayed. Otherwise, it will display “No Active Subscription” in this area.