This feature in the app requires a subscription

The clouds and weather screen of the app gives you information based on the closest five major airports to your location within a 500-mile range. If you have fewer than five, then there are less than five major airports within that radius to your location. This is all based on a lookup of airports when a user’s device first accesses the app. If you know there are more airports that should be included, please pass that along using the contact options within the app so it can be looked into.

The top portion of each location contains the next eight hours of forecast cloud conditions and temperatures. The percentage of cloud cover is an approximate average for that particular hour. Below that is the 5-day forecast for the location. This includes the evening average cloud coverage forecast and the day’s high and low forecast temperatures.

This weather data is collected from AccuWeather, Inc. and provided as an approximation of what to expect. These forecasts are model-driven meaning there is very little human interaction utilized in creating them. That said, these forecasts can change on a daily basis. So, if tomorrow’s forecast shows high cloud coverage, make sure you check it the next day as the model forecast data may have changed. A good complimentary app to use along with this information is the Astrospheric app, which is available on both Android and iOS. It provides updates four times a day and has been a critical app in finding breaks in clouds to see aurora activity when other areas are showing thick cloud cover. Success rate with Astrospheric to find breaks in clouds is in the 90-95% range, so it is a great app to add to your weather information arsenal for scoping out good chase locations.